I hope you find some ideas and tricks from this Ikea Alex desk hack! Can be placed in the middle of a room because the back is finished. For my table top, I wanted a lighter and grayer color, so I mixed and matched several water based stains from Varathane, and landed with a finish that is, Assemble desk built-in with Ikea Alex drawer units, Now it’s time to set up the desk built-in. See more ideas about Ikea, Ikea alex drawers, Craft room office. I would also check FB marketplace, living near an ikea you should see a few posted every week! By using sawmill leftovers and scrap wood in the particle board in this product, we make use of whole trees and not only the trunks. The slick-looking white drawer unit from IKEA retails for $159.00 USD. To add more storage, especially for the sewing nook, I decided to add one Ekby Alex unit to each table top. My house is old and the wall is curved. I will say the drawer slide mechanisms could be better quality for the price. Charshy cut the STOPP mat into squares and placed them on top of the ALEX units before laying the desk top above. I also wanted the wooden top look but the Karlby was pretty expensive. I just to start with saying the shipping was super duper fast! No longer have room for it $225 obo Pick up in Elgin se I also encourage you to use painter’s tape to protect the cut line before cutting in order to achieve a sharper cut edge. It's for a home office, so I'm really the only one who will notice. You might want to leave a little wiggle room when you cut and trim them shorter later to ensure the entire built-in will go wall to wall without any gaps. The IKEA Alex 9 Drawer Unit has become a popular choice for Makeup storage and organization. Looks great, though I'll wait to see how it ages. The IKEA Alex 9 Drawer unit is considered a large item so delivery can range anywhere from $39.00 (minimum) on up to $199.00. I then cut them to size and glued them with wood glue. However,  my husband is 6’2″ and he is not able to comfortably fit his legs under the pencil drawers. Free shipping. Michelle says Velcro strips are the method used at IKEA stores. How much does it cost? Fixing Ikea Alex Drawer Hard to Open. Lover of coffee, plants, pillows and pitbulls. Before adding the pencil drawers, confirm that you are able to comfortably fit your legs. I’m a teacher and I needed to create a workspace to teach online virtual school. See more ideas about ikea, ikea desk, drawer unit. Instead I dedicated 60% of the space to a long desk with 2 Alex drawer units with drop file storage, and use the remaining space for a sewing nook which is lower than the desk to accommodate the window, and shallower depth so it won’t block the closet door. You can get Ikea tabletop such as. IKEA Micke Desk. Once completed I could see why many people get this item so much so I went and purchased a second one. This IKEA hack desk is super common but I’ve never seen anyone used it with the Jonaxel shelf or Saljan countertop. The main drawer is a little bit of everything. Can be placed anywhere in the room because the back is finished. Contributor October 3, 2019. Sep 18, 2019 - ALEX Desk, blue, 51 5/8x23 5/8". IKEA hasn’t restocked my store in over 6 weeks, it doesn’t have a single Alex drawer of any color, and here I am lookin for some Alex drawers! The first Linnmon top measures at 47-inches wide and while a 3.9 foot desk would fit the space well, I couldn’t look past the lack of room between the two drawer units. After the veneer, it looks like a solid wood piece rather than something that is made of plywood. I also applied veneer to the backsplash pieces. So it is a bit challenging to find a chair at the right height. Charshy cut the STOPP mat into squares and placed them on top of the ALEX units before laying the desk top above. ALEX ... out of sight but close at hand.Drawer stops prevent the drawers from being pulled out too far.Can be placed in the middle of a room because the back is finished. Sturdy enough and have held up well the last couple of months. As an additional step, I secured the pencil drawer frame to the left and right supporting boards. I didn’t cover it completely because the Ikea Alex series has it seams between each board, so I was basically embracing that look. So the answer is clear – Ikea Alex Hack! You Might Also Like. The back is finished so you can place it in the middle of the room – all sides are just as beautiful. The cable management drawer at the back to make your setup clean. To start, assemble the two IKEA floating shelves as per the instructions. Here’s what it looks like after painting it over: . You can get Ikea tabletop such as Linnmon for this project, but I decided to DIY my own custom table top for the following reasons: In terms of table top material, I bought two ¾” thickness PureBond plywood from my local Home Depot. Your email address will not be published. Brand New. Most of my sewing storage will be in my home office closet, so I wanted the sewing pencil drawers to be able to hold as many most used tools as possible without having to visit the closet. This is made possible due to the pencil drawer is sandwiched right between the supporting boards. Now the table top is cut to size, I applied 1 1/2 inch wood veneer to the edges which will be seen, and trim with edge band cutter, then polish the edge with fine sanding paper. For the material, I used 1/4in MDF boards, which is the leftover from this project – in the filler step. Drawer bottom:Fibreboard, Acrylic paint. IKEA hasn’t restocked my store in over 6 weeks, it doesn’t have a single Alex drawer of any color, and here I am lookin for some Alex drawers! Ikea Alex Desk Drawer **Brand new** Fully Assembled and ready to use, BLUE. The reason is each drawer has a cutout serving as drawer pull and you probably want the divider to be below that. It works well in small places, and you can add or remove drawers where necessary or use it for your desk support. Please note that stock availability at our stores may change during the day. Since recently buying my own place and getting my own sizeable room I've wanted to replace my small old desk. If that’s the case for you, you will need to decide whether you want to go without the pencil drawer, or raise the desk a few more inches to fit comfortably. Ikea ALEX Vanity 5 Drawer Dupe You might have seen on Pinterest that there is a dupe for the Ikea Alex 5 Drawers at Michaels- the Recollections 5 Drawer Cube . Hi there, I’m Kelin. I originally had baseboards as part of the DIY vertical shiplap wall project, so to make the drawer units flush to the walls, I cut my baseboard using Ryobi multi tool attachment to remove parts of the baseboard. After giving them 1 day to dry and cure, I cut them to size with a circular saw. At this step, I will cover those table top supporting boards with by Ekby Alex shelf. To add support for the super long table top, I add a 1 inch thick piece of wood and attach it to the wall stud. IKEA drawer with desk for small room I wanted to create a desk space for my daughter, but the room she shares with her brother is very small. Add pencil drawers (Ekby Alex shelf with drawer hack), I covered the front and bottom sides of the gap with. ALEX Drawer unit, white, 14 1/8x27 1/2". You can see in this rendering that the sewing table is next to the closet door casing. Can be placed in the middle of a room because the back is finished. I first placed the table top on the 2 Alex drawer units. IKEA linnmon desk top measures 23-1/2 by 78 With two 5 drawer Alex drawer units Cared for well from a smoke free home. I have been looking online and it does not seem that there is anyone who has added different full extension drawer slides to the ALEX. The main drawer is a little bit of everything. The cheaper price tag may have tempted you, but I did a lot of research, watched tons of videos, and … Discover Alex … ALEX series of desk and storage units is a favourite with our customers, its clean expression suits so many different homes and settings. For drawers, I assembled them fully but didn’t put them in the frame. Instead I dedicated 60% of the space to a long desk with 2, To add more storage, especially for the sewing nook, I decided to add one, Step by step instructions on Ikea Alex desk built-in hack, DIY custom wood table top for Ikea Alex desk, Now it is time to prepare the table top which will sit on those Alex drawer units, plus another table top for my sewing nook. I also like how you put two pieces of plywood together to give it a thicker look. This looks amazing! With the window on the wall and closet door to the right, I couldn’t make the whole desk go wall to wall. Alternatively you can use the Ikea Adils leg to support the center of the desk but I want to keep a clean look and also to make sure there’s enough space to hang the pencil drawers. I'd really love it if Ikea sold a variety of organizers designed for the drawers. Actually this tutorial was requested multiple times since I posted a sneak peek on my, To check out my sewing/crafting closet which is also an Ikea hack, you can find it, Easy DIY bench cushion with removable cover ». I am very happy with my purchase. I'm ready to pick out parts for my new desk but noticed Ikea Canada only lists the Alex Drawer / Drop File in white now, I was hoping for black. After giving them 1 day to dry and cure, I cut them to size with a, . After tweaking it multiple times I’m pretty happy with the design solution and the amount of desk storage. You must enable JavaScript to shop on IKEA.com. The white IKEA Alex Drawer Unit is very popular and used among the make-up and crafting communities. Late Jan or Feb per customer service. Want to be the first to know what I'm working on? Meaning the air would enter at the bottom and be expelled at the top. I start by measuring the inside of Ekby Alex drawer, and decide on how many slots I want for this drawer. same method applies to the bottom filler piece. For simple fixes like jammed paper or pencils, erasers, etc., all you have to do is remove the drawer stops and then remove the jammed item. I basically glued some scrap pieces to the left and right side of the inner gap, and glued the filler piece to them. IKEA Alex series features several units including drawer units, desks and shelves, all of them feature storage and those characteristic drawers with no pulls or knobs. Exactly what I needed to complete my office. For this DIY you’ll be essentially creating a case to go around the IKEA unit that has a top, a bottom, an end piece, and a front consisting of two drawer fronts. I also encourage you to use. All customers get FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon ... Ikea Drawer Unit, 14 1/8" x 27 1/2", White, Alex 101.928.24. Nov 10, 2017 - Explore Susan Malatesta's board "ikea alex desk" on Pinterest. super easy to assemble and seem pretty solid! Before we get started, here is my desk and drawer setup. In comparison to other products I had to assemble, this was a breeze. Find out more about browser cookies. Used 2 of the sets of drawers as a base for a desk and the height was perfect for adding a counter top on to them to create a desk. Here’s what it looks like after painting it over: I then covered visible seams with speckle. Collection only from W10 5AD, Desk tops in black also available see other listing. Next I’ll talk about some upgrades you can do to it, such as DIY organization dividers for Alex drawers, plus how I modified the chair height for my sewing nook since it is lower than normal table height. Nonetheless, it was my choice to purchase. Free Shipping by Amazon. I’m thinking of putting together an IKEA office table set - using an Ekbacken top. Then I painted the entire built-in with 3 coats of Benjamin Moore Moonshine ( the same as my wall paint color). They are not the smoothest operationally. This is a photo I took before I trimmed the legs: and you can see there wasn’t not enough room between the stool and drawers. 1-16 of 344 results for "alex drawer desk" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. I first primed it with. A clean look that’s easy to like, coupled with a clever design that keeps messy cables out of sight. It’s a piece that includes IKEA Alex drawer units and a Barkaboda kitchen counter that looks very stylish, the author preferred black Alex but you may try any shades that match your space. Quality construction, simple instructions unparalleled function. Mine was going to be an additional $199.00 for shipping, bringing the total to $358.00 plus tax (another $25 or so). I picked the red oak finish for the beautiful oak grain. Nov 10, 2017 - Explore Susan Malatesta's board "ikea alex desk" on Pinterest. That is the entire process for the desk built-in! 00. Thanks for sharing and I love your ideas & blog. This step is totally optional but I like viewing the space in 3D to make sure my plan will work since I have not seen any design like this before. You can see in the photo above that there’s gaps between the Ekby shelves and Alex drawers. Then it is time for the painting job. Drawer stops prevent the drawers from being pulled out too far. Your tutorial makes it look easy enough and I might give it a go. With the backsplash pieces I can cover the gap. I hunted down a leather strap stool for only $10 from Facebook Marketplace and cut all four legs 3 inch shorter. Jan 14, 2019 - Explore Maggie Ayala's board "IKEA Alex Drawers" on Pinterest. Bought 2 to use as the base for a desk space. Alex drawer unit with 9 drawers white 14 1 8x45 5 8 ikea ikea hack alex upgrade alex 5 drawer dupe review you makeup storage alternative to the ikea alex realizing beauty 20 awesome ikea alex hacks you ll love home drawers q help me keep my desk in place on alex drawer units ikea hackers.
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