The Japanese Spitz is a small dog, around 33 cm (13 ins) at the withers, with a somewhat square body, deep chest, and a very thick, pure white double coat.The coat consists of an outer coat that stands off from the soft inner coat, with fur shorter on the muzzle and … Lv 7. The Japanese Spitz has a one-of-a-kind appearance. Japanese Spitz. Finding the right Japanese Spitz puppy can be dog gone hard work. Owner Experience - Both the German Spitz and Japanese Spitz are excellent choices for new or inexperienced owners. Source(s): Link to this: Japanese Spitz vs Indian Spitz (Greater) vs Indian Spitz (Smaller) – … Puppies for sale from dog breeders near Seattle-Tacoma, Washington. In a few cases it can be caused by block tear ducts. Size. Quick Summary Below are a few quick comparisons between the two breeds. eyelids are close fitting with black rims. In 1925, two White Spitz were imported from Canada. 6 years ago. A vet will be able to advise you if this is the … Japanese Spitz Brown. As a rough guide, the average cost to keep and care for a Japanese Spitz would be between £50 to £80 a month depending on the level of insurance cover you opt to buy for your dog, but this does not include the initial cost of buying a healthy, well-bred Kennel Club registered pedigree Japanese Spitz puppy. ; Children - The Japanese Spitz is very child friendly. Sharing is caring. The Japanese Spitz is a small doggie, with an all-white coat consisting of long, dense fur. The Japanese Spitz is a small-to-medium dog breed. The German Spitz does okay around kids, but is not as tolerant as the Japanese Spitz. This is the red to brown stains that appear around the eyes of Japanese Spitz and all other white dogs … Many Japanese Spitz, being a white dog, can be prone to having reddish-brown stains below their eyes. You can notice this just by seeing an image of them. If the dog is licking or biting at itself, the chemical reaction between the hair and the saliva will turn the hair brown (hair and fur are the same thing, biologically). Lizzie. PuppyFind® provides a convenient and efficient means of selecting and purchasing the perfect Japanese Spitz puppy (or Japanese Spitz puppies) from the comfort of your home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Japanese Spitz is a small to medium size dog breed weighing 11 to 20 pounds and stands 10 to 16 inches at the shoulders. These stains don't wash out. The Japanese Spitz is the offspring of the German Spitz, brought to Japan from China in 1920. Find the perfect puppy for sale in Seattle-Tacoma, Washington at Next Day Pets. These dogs were the original descendants that created the modern Japanese Spitz. To be more accurate, let us show you what are their ideal measures. Japanese Spitz and eye or tear staining. Being a white dog breed, most Japanese Spitz will have some form of tear staining around their eyes, especially as puppies. This is rarely a health issue or the result of any serious eye issue. So, right here we will give you a detailed description of the Japanese Spitz Breed Standard. Small dog breed white beautiful Japanese Spitz for sale at Excalibur Japanese … Live longer, Buy a Pet, According to Health News, 20 life-lengtheners : #3 was … Inf Sptz 2 Black And Brown Great Pyrenees Eyes: Medium-sized, almond-shaped, set slightly obliquely , rich dark brown. 0 0. Help our free service by spreading information about dog breeds. The male Japanese Spitz is said to have heavier and more luxuriant coat than the female, the heavy coat of the breed is soft on the inner part and harder on the outer part hence the luxurious white fluffy coat.
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