Decorations should include paintings and statues of Jesus and the saints, candles, gold and jewels. Well, take this quiz to find out! The common scenario is that a Protestant Christian and a Catholic like each other but they both also know that they hold different beliefs. This is one of the many areas where Protestants and Catholics do agree: repent means you are truly sorry and sincerely intend to try not to sin. Items from you might like. Catholics only. CATHOLIC AT FIRST AND ALSO HAVE THE ONLY TRUE BIBLE >>>>> The ONLY Christian church in existence for the first 1,000 years of Christian history was the Roman Catholic Church. This joke may contain profanity. say the Baptist, or the Seventh Day Adventist, by specific name. Catholics should understand Catholic liturgy. “Roman Catholic”: Only Protestants say this, as they say the word Catholic means all the churches. All other Christian churches which exist today can trace their linage back to the Roman Catholic Church. Protestants have always been so much more inviting on non judgmental. It is a reformed version of Christianity and its beliefs. Catholics must insist that they are the only Catholics, as they know that the correct word for everyone else is a heretic. If you are attending a Protestant church, you'd better get your theology straightened out! If you had more than three incorrect answers you are a Catholic. The Church of Ireland is Catholic because it is in possession of a continuous tradition of faith and practice, based on Scripture and early traditions, enshrined in the Catholic Creeds, together with the sacraments and apostolic ministry. So, why should we be Catholic rather than Protestant? Would it be okay for me to pray in a Protestant church, or should I not treat it with the same respect as I do a Catholic Church? Since summer started, I have not had much to … We have the Saints praying for us. 1553-1558 . We have all the advantages. Again, as I say so often quoting Bishop Cosins: "Protestant and Reformed according to the principles of the ancient Catholic Church." The Jew says, "20 years ago I opened up a clothing stor... read more. Catholics, besides the Kennedies, are not viewed as being the same status as Protestants in America. On top of that, could I attend mass at one, taken that I also attend mass at a Catholic Church on the same Sunday? Should I walk out? (Hey, maybe I should subscribe…I wonder if it would help ME keep up!?) Staying Catholic for the extra cardinals is good for infamy reduction, but this is offset a bit by reduced infamy costs for attacking heretics and missions to convert others giving infamy reduction. Scoring: If you had no incorrect answers, you are a Protestant. Catholics only. March 26, 2018. We are taught to produce good fruit, good works unto salvation. A Selector By Susan Have you ever wondered whether you are *really* a Protestant or a Catholic?? 9,787 visitors' top results Created August 2004. Ultimately, Catholicism remains under the umbrella of orthodox Christianity, and we should acknowledge it accordingly. Caution! SEE HERE WHERE ALL CHRISTIANS WERE. I always keep a copy in my car to hand out to pastors and other Christians who authentically want to know why I believe what I believe. I am over 18. They just take different routs to say the same thing. Catholic Living. In this article, however, I want to focus more on the dating side and answer the question, “Should Protestant Christians and Catholics date and get married?” This is a common question I’ve been getting lately. Personaly i'm protestant and i love it. I am the stereotypical White Anglo Saxon Protestant, even though I am not quite a Protestant as I have never gone to church before. … Catholic. Catholic focus more on before Jesus rose from the dead thus why they show the cross with jesus still on it. Well, it should be clear to most. We have Jesus. Don't you want God to help us?" Protestant or Catholic? Celibacy and Nuns. This Religion selector, a free online personality quiz, is a creation of Susan and for … My grandma’s brother died, and I am driving my grandma to the funeral, but should I be attending it? We have Mother Mary. Refer to the answers page on the right for help! You should become a protestant, because the catholics are heathens who twisted the holy scripture and will surely burn in hell. I descend from people who came over to America on the Mayflower in the 1600's. I soon began to teach courses in Catholic moral theology because I assumed that was something even a Protestant should do given that most of our students were Catholic. So the people of the Church are bound by the law of Christ which is spelled out by the church. I want to keep looking to find a catholic church and attend RCIA, but again, every one I've attended had a huge disconnect. Can Catholics use Protestant churches? What if they have a Eulogy? If you had one to three incorrect answers, you are borderline. Purgatory: Catholics only. How should I respond to those who claim “all religions are the same” or “it doesn’t matter if you are Catholic or Protestant because they believe in the same God?” To answer this question well, I must be direct. We should explain why we build beautiful churches, maintain fine worship and invest in vestments, vessels and art that is worthy. Because Catholicism is a religion which was started by God. No change, guys. CATHOLIC CHURCH, HENCE 39,000 PROTESTANT DENOMINATIONS. If so could someone point the place for me? “It would be better for you to marry a black Catholic than a white Protestant.” So in 1950, provocatively bucking the racial rules of the time, did an old Ursuline nun instruct shocked female students at Notre Dame convent high school in Manhattan. Protestant: Catholic or Catholicism is the set of belief in the Roman Catholic Church that was established in 315 AD. It’s known for Catholics, Protestants, and The Troubles. Every Catholic should have a copy of this book and read it regularly in order to effectively witness to the faith with strong points. Protestants should be quick to recognize that Protestants have actually been grafted into the rich root of the olive tree of the Catholic Church (even if there are some serious problems with modern Roman Catholicism). and protistant focuses more on the aftermath. #5 Protestants are viewed as Separated Brothers and Sisters. The Curse of the Protestant-to-Catholic Convert By Casey Chalk. Protestant or Protestantism is the belief that contradicts the teaching of Roman Catholic Church. but if i state a particular one. Jesus started the Catholic Church originally made up of Jews then added in the Gentiles (non-Jews) like the Samaritan woman. The Eucharist. But my core faith in Jesus, my complete dependence on His grace, my views on family, my very self and personality? 5. Churches. It follows therefore that the terms ‘Protestant’ and ‘Reformed’ should be contrasted with ‘Roman’ and not with ‘Catholic’. It’s still me. 7. It’s amazing how often the assertion is made, that the great Church father St. Augustine (354-430) was closer to Protestant beliefs than Catholic. I'd like to attend But maybe I should attend a protestant church since it's what I'm use to. We have infallible Teaching to guide us to salvation. On the claim that “all religions are the same,” might I cut to the chase and say clearly that Judaism, Islam, and Christianity are clearly not all the same. Who has the authority to tell human beings who they are, what they must believe in, and especially how can they be made right with God. First, according to Catholic teaching, there are five requirements for Catholic communion: 1) The individual must be in a … Vatican II speak ahead… “Bishop” Robert Barron on whether Protestants should become Catholics. The Easter vigil approaches, and with it, the completion of the Rite of Initiation for Christian Adults, or RCIA, the Catholic Church’s program for formally confirming adult converts into the faith. Place of Origin : Roman Empire: Roman Empire but reforms originating in Germany. We have access to the fountains of grace, the Sacraments. During the period 1500-1700 Catholics could practice their religion freely during the following dates: 1500-1530. 6. Her remark generated even more shock among the parents. Note: Under Catholic church law a Roman Catholic priest can refuse to forgive sins if he thinks the person is not sincere. After they pray, the Catholic says to the Jew, "How come you're not praying? I’ve written about various aspects of … It is shocking to many that the terms are used together: Protestant Catholic, Reformed Catholic, etc. If you don’t know anything about Belfast, without trying to bastardize Irish history in a couple of sentences, I’ll try to explain. Few of them felt that miscegenation was what they meant by Catholicism, and … However, I’ve been studying theology lately trying to compare whether it’s Protestants or Catholics who get it right. We should … The Catholic and the Protestant pray for help, while the Jew relaxes in the corner of the raft, clipping his fingernails. The Rockefellers are a WASP family, for example. Correct Answers Answers Page. Second, what should a Protestant consider? The last census in 2011 put the Protestant population at 48%, just 3% more than Catholics at 45%. Authority of Pope: Accepted and … 4 from 33 votes. First off, Catholic and protestant are both a form a christianity. when refering to protestants it could be any one of thousands of denominations. Protestants and Catholics both believe that God has revealed himself to man over the course of human history, culminating in his ultimate self-revelation in Jesus Christ. IlCajetan June 26, 2020, 1:51am #1. First, what does the Catholic Church teach about who can participate in Mass (communion)? What does this mean? Converting from Protestant to Catholic, like I mentioned, is not a small thing. The Catholics really … Answer: There are two ways to look at this question. Spiritually, I believe I'm catholic. for myself, i do write Catholic with a C. and protestant with a p. the reason being, is because Catholic stands for One Church united under Christ, and the magesterium. Is there any statements from the Catechism that say its okay to attend a protestant funeral? Question: "Should a non-Catholic Christian participate in a Catholic Mass?" Is it wrong for a Roman Catholic to attend a protestant funeral? More recent figures from 2016 show that among those of working age 44% are now Catholic … I once heard Scott Hahn, a convert to Catholicism and a popular Catholic scholar, state that Catholics and Protestants have about 90% of Theology in common. hello roveau. Subscribing by email is the best way to keep up on everything around here. I’m currently debating between the two and have been watching and reading apologists from both sides, Protestants like James White (who debated a lot of Catholics in the 90s, which are all on YouTube) and Catholic apologists like Trent Horn, Jimmy Akin, etc. Churches should elaborately decorated to show God’s glory. Right away I knew, this is a Protestant church, because a Protestant reformation was really a reformation about authority. That 10% that separates us is important and should not be ignored. Interesting question.

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