Young offenders are in their formative years and chances of reforming them into law-abiding adults are better. The primary aim of the Youth Courts in dealing with young offenders is to rehabilitate, reform and reintegrate them back into society, while balancing the need for protection of the public and the right of the victim to see that justice has been done. Youth Arrest Cases. Total fertility rate per woman in 2010 was … The Singapore Courts acknowledges the fact that young offenders are in their formative years and the odds for them reform and rehabilitate into law-abiding adults are higher. Caning is a widely used form of corporal punishment in Singapore.It can be divided into several contexts: judicial, prison, reformatory, military, school, and domestic. The Youth Court's jurisdiction is defined by Section 28 of the Children and Young Persons Act of 2001 1, which directs the Youth Court to consider the welfare of youth offenders while making judicial decisions (Family Justice Courts of Singapore, 2017; Singapore Statutes, 2001). YES seeks to enhance the current drug supervision regime with casework and counselling, in addition to urine supervision. Another area being revamped is the provision of services to young offenders and at-risk youth. The Youth Enhanced Supervision (YES) Scheme is a 6-month programme for first-time drug offenders aged 21 and below. Guide Youth Offenders. This study compared the criminal attitudes and psychopathic personality attributes of gang- and nongang-affiliated youth offenders (N=168) residing in youth correctional institutions in Singapore. This will be centralised, and the MSF is in the process of appointing nine youth … Leniency is often shown to younger offenders. This programme requires family participation, as family support is integral to rehabilitation. Trybe is a youth organisation that conducts developmental programmes for youth, as well as prevention, intervention and rehabilitative work for youth-at-risk, youth offenders and ex-offenders, so as to build them towards success. But more young people are getting into fights. These practices of caning are largely a legacy of British colonial rule in Singapore. Singapore's former Chief Justice, Yong Pung How, in Public Prosecutor v Mok Ping Wuen Maurice, said: Rehabilitation is the dominant consideration where the offender is 21 years and below. SINGAPORE — New laws are being proposed to extend legislative protection provided under the Children and Young Persons Act to cover young offenders who are 16 … SINGAPORE - More young people who run foul of the law are being placed on probation, a rise due partly to the increase in number of such arrests.. Read more at Juvenile Offenders In Singapore 65 as compared to 19.5 years in 1970 (Singapore Department of Statistics, 2010). There is no breakdown of police figures for random attacks involving young offenders. From 1 April 2018, the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) has revamped the provision of services to young offenders and at-risk youth to be centralised at nine youth work organisations called Integrated Service Providers (ISP).
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